Elisabeth Mallory

Field Medic (Brandon got Trapped)


Elisabeth Mallory is always dressed in her medic uniform whenever battle strikes, sporting an olive drab button-down shirt with zipperless green fatigues and black combat boots. Long blonde hair forms in a braid against Elisabeth’s back, while a dark green hood rests behind her shoulders, protecting her face from wind and rain. She is of average height, around 5’5, but she is well able to stand her own against opponents using martial arts.

Outside of battle, Elisabeth wears a short, white skirt with a red blouse. In her hair is a red cross hairpin, keeping the hair out of her face.

Elisabeth always carries her trusty military-grade backpack, chock full of medical essentials. Inside lies several Elisabeth-made pharmaceuticals; medical tools, such as scalpels, medical scissors, calipers, etc; several First Aid kits, along with surgical instruments and prescription painkillers (Hydrocodone in pill form, morphine injections, anti-inflammatory medication); and Elisabeth’s prime invention, the StimPak. Usually she carries 5 one-use StimPaks, creating a reloading mechanism to swap out cartridges that are full from those that need to be filled.

Finally, kept safe in a secret compartment on her medical uniform is her personal custom-made scalpel. Made from adamantium, the scalpel is extremely durable, highly unlikely to break and never in need of re-sharpening. Usually this scalpel is used for medical purposes, but it has its uses as a weapon for self-defense.


Elisabeth Mallory is a 24-year-old surgeon and battlefield medic, professionally trained in medicine and practice in surgery.

Elisabeth was born as a male in a house of women. Frustrated and upset they had a son, the women named the boy Elisabeth, raising him as a daughter. Because of this, it matters not what gender people associate with her. It was there Elisabeth learned to sew, cook, clean, and perform various menial tasks. At the age of 16, Elisabeth held a grudge against her family, as she was regularly abused for having male genitalia. As an act of rebellion, Elisabeth ran away from home, seeking to become a surgeon because of her obsession with stitching and sewing. Elisabeth was found by a practicing doctor in the streets of Oloran, who took her in as an apprentice. Elisabeth’s skills with her hands made her a prodigy for surgeon work, and after two years of apprenticeship, at age 18, Elisabeth enrolled to become a practicing doctor with a professional medical license. After six years, Elisabeth was finally awarded her medical license, allowing her to freely and professionally help others with medical needs.

After the attack of the Drow, with so many injured refugees, Elisabeth ran with those she escaped with. Administering healing to all, evil and good, chaotic and lawful, she became a paragon of philanthropy, offering her services for free and donating whatever money she had to bolster the medical supplies of war zones. Elisabeth was then known as a nation-renowned medic, able to stitch impossible wounds, and even bring those back from the brink of death. With Elisabeth’s skills, she was hired by the Consortium to travel to multiple places, healing those wounded from the war efforts against the Drow. Because of Elisabeth’s indiscriminate philosophy, she would heal even those with a clear past of evil, offering aid to anyone in need.

As the war effort continues, Elisabeth is assigned to several positions, eventually teaming up with the head-on resistance against the Drow.

Elisabeth Mallory

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