What is happening?

Introduction to Andragar

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The dark sky loomed overhead as Sebastian sprinted along the cobblestone streets of Oloran. At this time of night, one would be lucky to find a civilian out and about, but that was no concern to the man in question. Sebastian was used to being up at this time; as the Pendragon's master spy, one could expect poor Sebastian not to sleep much. As of late, and much to Sebastian's relief, crime has been relatively low. Less murders, robberies, business collusion… virtually every category had been quiet…up until about an hour ago, when Alice Pendragon was abducted from the castle.

Buildings flying past, Sebastian was so furious he couldn't even think straight.

How did they find Alice? 

How did they reach the castle?

What happened to all the guards?

Where is the king?!?

Finally, Sebastian reached the magnificent Oloran gate and quickly began following tracks leading into the Vastwood. It wasn't long before he stumbled upon an altar, dripping with freshly spilled blood. This is not good, he thought, taking a sample. Panic quickly washed over Sebastian as the realization struck him like cold iron.

"T-t-this…is.." he looked around frantically, finding a trail of blood leading deeper into the woods. Sebastian suddenly ripped off his shirt, revealing an array of magical symbols and shapes.

"Alfuros, nihilas mevalan tellos!!" First, a flash. Then a cloud of smoke. And then, Sebastian found himself soaring through the blind eternities, flung prone and breathless to his destination. Sebastian's panic turned into pure terror as he surveyed the area before him. In the middle of the room stood a tall, female Drow with spider-like facial features and a malefic grin. Directly beneath the Drow was the figure of Alice Pendragon, occasionally emitting ragged breaths as blood gushed from a wound on her chest, her body centered in an upside down star of david.

"You monster!" Sebastian screamed, drawing out his staff.

The drow turned from Sebastian, walking slowly to the back of the jagged cave."Ahh, if it isn't the King's favorite little pet! I was going to formally invite you to tonight's proceedings, but…"

"QUIET, BITCH! You will pay for this transgression!" Raising his staff, Sebastian gestured the sign of a maximized fireball before being violently knocked to the ground, a vortex opening behind the drow.

"Too late, Sebastian. Pendragon blood is quite powerful, you know. I've been trying to get my hands on it for years." She looked towards Alice, and then, to the portal. Within appeared to be multiple different worlds and realities colliding together, thousands of people going on about their lives unaware of the drow's long gaze.

"I'll be going then. The girl won't last long, so you best act fast." Stepping through the portal, the drow split into six copies and vanished. Crawling to the body of Alice, Sebastian cursed his bad luck. Brushing her white hair aside, he struggled to his feet and lifted her up onto his shoulder.

I have to fix this, he thought, walking slowly into the twilight.


I wish I knew.

What is happening?

New Goal: Kill Sebastian for not running fast enough. He has failed his country and his employers, and most of all, he has failed the people of Oloran. Shame on him, and may his lineage be cursed with a thousand dishonors.

What is happening?

Sebastian more like sebetter get your ass into gear.

What is happening?

This campagin is gay

What is happening?
SwilliamX SwilliamX

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