Sword of Legend

weapon (melee)

Excalibur is a long, silver and blue bastard sword with speckles of gold scattered across the blade. The hilt is composed of an array of blue and gold colors with a single red gemstone in the center. Within the pommel rests a large, blue gem that seems to glimmer regardless of viewpoint.


In English folklore, Excalibur is the sword given to King Arthur at the beginning of his journey by the Lady of the Lake. Commonly, people mistake the sword in the stone as being Excalibur, when in fact, it was not. In Andragarian lore, however, the legendary blade has taken a different course, with the mythical becoming a reality…

Long ago, after the death of Aegon, Andragar began to evolve into a prosperous country. It was during this time a strange anomaly was discovered; the sword In the stone. For many years, volumes of heroes and wanton nomads tried time and time again to pull out the legendary blade, but soon realized that it was too impossible a task. Time passed, as did the attempts of pulling out the blade. When civilization grew and Andragar entered into its own style of renaissance, magic became a go-to for removing the sword, but to no avail. It wasn’t until 15 years ago, during the year of 1885 that the impossible became possible; the sword was pulled from the stone. This blade, now called Excalibur, is wielded by the hero whom unearthed it from its legendary slumber…the queen of Andragar.


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