Staff of the Archmage


Aloheim is a long, dark oak staff that has been smoothed-out into a perfectly round, pitch black cylinder. Along the length of the staff rest numerous arcane hieroglyphs that occasionally glimmer upon viewing, sometimes even changing frequency. At the top of the staff sits a carving of a large crow with outstretched wings, eyes with rubies in their sockets. No matter where one looks or positions themselves, it always seems that the crow’s gaze never leaves them.


Long ago, before magic was an established concept, very few people knew or could even cast the simplest of spells. There were, however, individuals who understood magic deeper than anyone in the modern time. These gifted few were known as the Invokers, and wielding the primal magic of creation, they were able to accomplish superhuman tasks with magic unfathomable to scholars today. Of the Invokers, one stood above the rest, and claimed himself the world’s greatest mage; the grand wizard, Malfuronz. Under the leadership of Malfuronz, the Invokers established the Mage’s Society, seeking arcane knowledge above all else. Strangely, though, the Invokers disappeared shortly after the reign of Aegon, and no one understands how or why. All that remains of the elusive group is the staff of Malfuronz, now named Aloheim. Since his disappearance in 800 B.C., The Mage’s Society has taken to granting the mighty staff to its Archmagus, establishing a tradition that has held to this day. Currently, Aloheim is wielded by the former Archmagus of the Mage’s Society, now the king of Andragar…Malfus Pendragon, who, ironically, was named after the great wizard himself!


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