Demon Hunter


Nyter stands at a short 5’7 with silver hair and golden eyes. His facial features are more feminine, but he boasts a strong physique. He forfeits armor to move more efficiently, equipping very light armor offering little protection. After all, a suit of armor isn’t going to help one from the wrath of a demon.

Nyter is very cautious around strangers, not wont to state his business or name in front of those he just met. As such, not much is known about Nyter, except for the few friends he has made in the past. This is not true in the underworld, however. The name Nyter is well known in the layers of Hell and the Abyss. The name strikes either fear or anger in the hearts of spawns of chaos, such as demons and even Demon Lords. Some demons have tried making it their primary focus to end the life of the legendary Demon Hunter Nyter, while others have tried to appeal to him, making alliances to protect themselves from his bane, such as the Demon Lord of the Sea, Dagon.

Nyter is very confident in his abilities as a Demon Hunter, able to slay even the strongest of beasts. Stories tell of the Demon Lord Beluiri dying at the hands of Nyter during the First Age, an enemy well beyond the power of a normal demon. Through his guile, trickery, and devilish determination, Nyter makes it his life purpose to destroy any demon who forsakes the pact made to never meddle in the affairs of the Mortal Plane. In essence, Nyter is a guardian of mortals, protecting them from the unlawful constituents of chaos from the Abyss.


Nyter, originally from the First Age of Andragar, has ended up once again in the fated land. This time around, it’s the Fifth Age, nearly 6,000 years from his last “visit” on the mortal plane. With a new goal in mind, what will he do next? Hunt the demons that break the pact, or hunt the gods who threaten the plane?


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