Ale Droger

Strange Companion


Ale has short, auburn colored hair, with accented emerald eyes. His features are masculine, but since he is young, he lacks the wear of most adventurers. He is quite muscular, relying on strength, but is also dexterous. He stands at 5’11, weighing in at 165 pounds. His attire consists of brown leather armor, which restricts a small amount of mobility, in exchange for better protection than normal hide or cloth. He is versatile in both desert terrain and forest terrain, as he has adventured in the far reaches of both planes. While contained in the desert, Ale’s attire changes to a cloth-wrapped burnoose, protecting his skin from the burning sun and allowing his body to sweat properly, cooling himself in the hot air.


Ale’s biography will be unlocked as he is played with the companions. The players will only know what he tells them, as he is very keen on not giving information about himself willy-nilly.

Ale Droger

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