Victor Novak

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Victor Novak begins his day be pouring himself a french pressed cup of coffee. Extra Cream. No sugar; Life is rarely sugar coated. Despite this, Victor grabs his pea-coat and hat and heads out each day, trying to make the world a better place.

Victor hadn’t always been a private investigator. It all started 10 years ago, when he took a part time job as a journalist and radio assistant at The StormCrow, a News Distributor. It was good money, and it dealt with writing, which could fit his school schedule, and overall, was a good way to get a little extra silver to spend on the weekends with his friends. Somewhere along the line, the interviews and errands turned into full blown investigations, and Victor’s boss couldn’t have been happier; Riveting stories sold papers, after all.

Eventually the Investigations became as much as a business as the paper. Victor started building a resume; taking jobs and helping everyone he could. They even built a secondary office in the News Building, allowing clientele to get help for their problems and for The StormCrow to get the story firsthand, a perfect symbiotic relationship. He continues to work at The StormCrow, believing in journalistic integrity and the power of the people.

Victor loves music, especially vapor-wave and low punk. He often invites up-and-coming local artists and poetry to come on the air and play, speak, or provide public announcements, as he believes in the world’s youth, and wants to help the growth of the arts; it’s also a very convenient and free way to keep entertainment on the air fresh and relevant.

Strange things happen in this world, and Victor Novak plans to get to the bottom of them.


After the destruction of Noctum City, Victor is now on the move, searching for those who destroyed his home.

Victor is of average height for a human, in his 40’s with dark brown hair, cut short, with enough to comb over. He is clean shaven, and wears a vest and button up with slacks most times. He has hazel eyes and ink stained hands.

Victor Novak

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