Cedric Owen

tall, strong, and Fast



Description: Cedric stands at roughly 6’0ft tall with muscles covering his entire body from head to toe he is never not bald shaving not only his head but every thing on his body from chest to legs you name it. After ridding himself of all sin his skin complexion turned from white to almost charcoal black on top of his crystal blue eyes turning piercing red and orange looking into Cedric eyes is almost like looking into a fire. [Weird Quirks Cedric ALWAYS only wears baggy pants and shorts because he feels that armor restricts his movement as well as overall speed.Cedric also never sleeps because he feels as though sleeping makes you venerable to sneak attacks he also just likes meditating it puts him at ease even during the most stressful times. Also Cedric always wears a locket around his neck to remind him of his mentor and almost loses it when he does not have the locket
Cedric never knew his parents because they were too poor to support him so they dropped him off at the front gates of the Pendragon monastery at the very young age of 2. the monastery reluctantly took him in and around the age of 8 they started training Cedric in the ways of the Pendragon. During this training period of Cedric’s life he struggled it was obvious that he was just not cut out to be a fighter, and because of this all the monks constantly put him down and abused him heavily trying to teach him that fighting was all about brute strength instead of finding yourself in battle as well as besting your enemies with grace (Cedric hated the savage teachings of the monastery and decided to follow his own instead which caused the monks of pendragon to hate him more). Even after 5 years of training Cedric was still just awful he could just not keep form and was not strong or fast enough, BUT Cedric had a very strong resolve and kept on keeping on, and around the age of 16 after 8 years of straight training with the monks of the monastery Cedric caught the attention from a certain old monk that visited the monastery but was not actually apart of it this same monk that Cedric got the attention of decided to take him under his wing because he saw potential in Cedric when he saw him fight he also thought that Cedric’s principles: determination, A strong will, a iron resolve, and most importantly a want to help people were necessary in becoming a good monk (this old monk that helped Cedric also hated the principles that pendragon monastery taught, and he liked that Cedric followed his own principles instead of the awful teachings of the monastery). After meeting up with this mysterious monk, who Cedric still to this day does not know the name of, they moved into the mountains where the monk trained Cedric himself. the first 5 of the grueling 10 years of training that Cedric had to endure was spent with the old monk just meditating and learning about the teachings of finding ones self after these 5 years passed Cedric finally gained inner peace mastering his will after finding his inner peace Cedric began to appreciate the world around him more. Then soon after this method of training the old monk began to train Cedric in fighting again, but this time instead of being clumsy and slow and hard to pick up on things Cedric was fast and hit like a train almost as if his strength and speed increased almost tenfold everything he ever knew about the Pendragon fighting style he dropped and switched to this new one that this old monk taught him. Then after 5 more years of intense fighting training Cedric finally mastered his resolve and fighting technique despite this though all was still not well in Cedrics life because the old monk was reaching his end his old frail body finally getting to him. Cedric tried his hardest to save this old monk that he thought to be his father nevertheless his illness was to strong and he passed the old monks final words to Cedric was " Cedric my son this world is full of evil and no one is doing anything about it I have taught you all these things because i simply was not strong enough to save this world, but i know you are you can do what i could not. Im proud at how far you have come i love you Cedric i love you like the son i never had you are going to do great things" and with his final breaths the old monk gave Cedric his locket and a hug. Cedric grief stricken by watching the old monk die in his arms he buried his mentors body in the mountains that they trained at for so long, and went into a depressive state for 6 months. during these 6 months all Cedric could do was think about what to do next and ponder over the last words of the old monk. Cedric not knowing what to do next thought to himself " why me out of all people and what evil plagues this world what was that old monk on" and after thinking about it for six months Cedric finally got a hold of himself again and rejoined the monastery “the first step to saving this world” Cedric thought was to fix the monastery teachings and hopefully find someway to get close to the king so he can help more people so he started climbing ranks FAST I mean like lightning speed in the monastery some monks thought that a dragon blessed Cedric he fought efficiently compared to the last time he spared against them, and other monks just could not believe the amount of speed and power that Cedric possessed. After climbing ranks Cedric finally got to the second highest position in the monastery only being bested by Morgoth and because of this high status Cedric was sent on a mission by the monastery to the mages guild to retrieve a thought to be scroll for the monastery and that is where his adventure finally begun to save the world CEDRIC~“I WILL BREAK THESE BONDS

Cedric Owen

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