Aegon the Great

Founder of Andragar


Aegon Pendragon was the legendary founder of Andragar, and the first to climb the fabled Mount Solomon of the Galeron.

Pictured is Aegon riding Syrox, High king of the mythical Elder Dragons.


Aegon Summerset was born into a world of chaos and strife. Long ago, before humans had any real civilization, they were kept and used as slaves by the elder races, including the likes of Dragons and Giants. Aegon toiled his entire childhood away working under the mythical elder dragons, building their cities and tending to their flames. Tired of constant oppression, Aegon sought to escape from his tyrannical captors, organizing a party of humans to escape into the nearby mountains where the large beasts could not follow. For many years, Aegon and his army lived peacefully underground, forging a mighty civilization whilst the Dragons were unawares.

On the eve of his 40th birthday, it dawned upon Aegon that he and his people could not hide forever, so he attempted what many dared not attempt: climb Mount Solomon, the holy peak, in hopes of attaining the legendary power fabled to those whom complete the ascension. With good tidings from his companions, Aegon disappeared into the mountain, taking only a brown satchel full of food and water for his journey. Weeks passed, then months, then years, yet Aegon did not return. Filled with inexorable despair, Aegon’s companions and citizens feared the worst, and prepared to expand their city further into the mountains to avoid inevitable discovery by the elder dragons. After ten years had passed since his departure, Aegon suddenly walked into the mountain city one afternoon, much to the surprise of his people. Rejoiced at his return, his companions only needed one glance to understand that Aegon was successful; his appearance had changed. Once hardened by years of work and stress, Aegon now looked young, with a head full of black hair and youthful skin. His once brown eyes had transformed into red eyes with slits, much like the human’s hated enemy, the dragons. Informing his people that the time for war had come, Aegon hefted his lance onto his shoulder, and made preparations to move a sizeable army out of the mountain city.

Marching for six weeks, his army finally reached Zulthinoth, capitol city of the Elder Dragons. At first, the mighty elder dragons merely laughed at the rabble that was an army of humans marching onto their doorstep, but their laughter fell silent as a young human stepped forth and challenged the Dragon King, Syrox, to a duel. Enraged that he would be challenged by a human, Syrox immediately flew from his roost, meeting Aegon within the dragon dueling grounds. To Syrox’s surprise, his human challenger wore a wry smile as he donned his lance, nearly smirking down upon the mighty dragon king. Syrox rushed towards Aegon with all his might, only to be beaten back every time by the small human’s godly strength and agility. Sixteen times the dragon king attacked, only to fall upon Aegon’s spear after the final assault. Gravely wounded, Syrox could only gaze upon his challenger, awaiting his next move. All of the elder dragons cowed in fear at the human who could slay even the mightiest of dragons, and Aegon’s people roared with newfound primal vigor at the defeat of the great elder dragon king. Naming Aegon king of the humans, and bestowing upon him the name of Pendragon, Aegon’s army awaited his next command.

Walking up to the mighty dragon king, Aegon kneeled next to his ear and began to whisper. Amazingly, after but a few minutes, the great dragon’s injuries faded away, and he stood up from his lying position. Much to everyone’s surprise, the great dragon lowered his head toward Aegon, who quickly mounted on top of him, brandishing his spear high into the air as Syrox soared into the sky. For nearly 60 years, Aegon and Syrox worked together, along with select dragons and humans, to rid the land of all hostile creatures toward the newfound alliance of dragons and humans, seeking to create new world of peace and harmony. At the end of his conquest, Aegon Pendragon founded the city of Oloran, and named his kingdom Andragar, after the name of his ancient mountain city, where he ruled with his unnaturally long life until his final, dying days.

Aegon the Great

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