Who is he?!

The Wraith

You are walking through your living room, going about your regular daily activities. The T.V suddenly flashes on in the background, alerting you to a public service announcement from the local news station


“It was horrible…” said Mrs. Garcia said, talking with us on the scene.


Mrs. Garcia was the sole witness to the third crime this week, committed by the one we are now calling The Wraith.


“I went to take out my trash, in the little area behind my house. It has an alley that’s connected to the fountain square near the center of our neighborhood. I saw a few figures. 4, Maybe 5 local mafia boys. They usually make sure we pay our dues on time and also collect special ‘Taxes’ from time to time. I didn’t pay much mind but as I was walking back inside I heard a muffled scream and the scraping of metal on stone.’”


Mrs. Garcia’s eyes looked down at this point, remembering the traumatic experience.


“He was upon them in mere seconds. He came from the sky, like he had been flying or like he’d been on the roof. He landed on one of the men. I heard his bones crunch under the weight of the landing. After that, he fought the rest of them, knocking them all out.”


-What follows may be suitable only for a mature audience-


“I ducked behind the trash cans of one of the houses and watched. He started tying the men up. I thought it was an arrest… It was a message.”

He tied their hands to the walls of the buildings, all 5 of them. With a nearby bucket he drained their blood and producing a brush, he painted wings like those of an angel onto the walls on which they were strung. It was a grisly scene. After he had finished the last stroke of the brush, he turned to me, slowly, as if he had known I was there the entire time. He placed his finger to his lips.”




“He had a blade on his arm, attached with leather. He started walking towards me, and I was paralyzed with fear. I fell to the ground, gazing up at the specter of a man. He reached into his pocket and produced a tan envelope sealed with red wax. He handed it to me and crouched beside me. He leaned close and said,

“Evil is not safe here. Not anymore.”


“After that he stood up and walked away without another word. I walked over to the bodies on the wall, and written in blood above each of the five bodies head was a word.


EVIL         IS         NOT          SAFE         HERE



Mrs. Garcia handed the letter from the masked man over to the police, who have just released it’s contents. The following is a copy of the letter.


Far away now are the days

When crime runs rampant

Unbridled and crazed


The wind you have sewn

Will soon bloom vibrantly

Into a whirlwind of retribution

Emanating from the will of the people


Noctum will be cleansed

The corrupt will be cast down

The oppressors will be bound

With shackles made from their own greed


The Reaping has Begun


Upon further investigation, Noctum City Police discovered that all five of the victims were still alive upon arrival at the scene, and are now in critical condition. It is interesting to note that 3 of the five victims were known criminals wanted for murder and the robbery of a local hardware store.

Any information regarding this masked figure should be taken straight to the police, or to our news station: Mongoose Times


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