Well, I'm trapped in this shit again.

Why does this always happen?

Hey guys. It's me! Nyter! Now you're probably wondering, who the hell is this guy? He just popped out of no where in this cave, and "replaced" our friend! Well, I'm here to answer all your questions!

Who am I? I'm Nyter! Demon Hunter Extraordinaire! I chase, hunt, and kill demons. The job description is just as exciting as it sounds. I've been hunting demons since… well, the First Age, actually. You've probably never heard of me, but that's good! I'd rather not be known too well in the material plane. Makes it easier for me to remain undetected. It's sort of like a safe haven in the material plane. I can't really be scryed on if they can't see where I'm at! That was kind of a big problem while I was in the Abyss…

Why was I in that cave? Well, you see, I was being tortured by a demon for about… I'd say 6000 years or so. It wasn't really a fun time, even for me. I finally escaped, and ended up back in the material plane! Sadly, as I woke up, your friend Milo just… disappeared. I played no part in that. But, now I have his stuff, so I can be, like, Milo 2.0! How about that!

Where am I from? Andragar! In fact, this exact situation happened in the First Age! I find myself in Andragar, find a princess, help her from a tyrannical enemy overarching the entire government, and eventually help the king rule the land again! Now, the exact same thing is happening again. How history loves to repeat itself, eh? This time, I'm most likely going to stay out of the affairs of this royal family. That is, unless our enemy this time around is a demon, or a spawn of chaos. In that case, they're getting hunted down by yours truly!

What am I good at? All kinds of things! Well, not really. I'm actually only useful when it comes to demons. Pretty specialized, I know, but hey, we all have our strengths and weaknesses! I just happen to have more weaknesses than strengths… Oops. But that just means I'm really good at killing demons. I mean, really good. So, if we end up fighting some demons, you don't even have to worry about fighting! Leave it all to me! Not only am I completely immune to fear, but they're the ones scared of me! Trust me, when it comes to demons, you can't lose when you have me on your side. In fact, we might not even have to fight em! I can literally challenge them to kill themselves! Ah, but I'm getting off track. Back to the questions.

What kind of person am I? That one's a tricky one. You see, I try to do good things. But, the way I see it, everyone has a role to play. Demons are there to spread chaos, angels are there to spread faith and goodness, and mortals are here to… do whatever it is they do. Me? My role is to kill anything that invades our beautiful material plane. Therefore, I am… a good guy? I'll leave that up to you to decide!

Why am I so specialized? Why couldn't I pick a more useful talent other than killing demons? Great questions! I don't have an answer!

Well, I hope that answers all your questions. May we each walk in peace! Unless you're a spawn of the Abyss. Then I will have to kill you. Onward, men!


SwilliamX BusinessDog

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