Fun Times in Noctum City

Special Event for Victor


It was Thursday night in Noctum City.

Victor sat outside Le Cafe Noir, a new cafe a few blocks away from the station, sipping his coffee.


It was a Thursday in Noctum City, But it didn't feel like one. It was one of those days that feels like a Friday, because of how laid back it feels.


He made a note in his journal. Review for Le Cafe Noir: Coffee is Grade A, Probably from Galeron. The good stuff. Service was good, and the decoration is Aesthetically pleasing to me.


He took out his camera, took a shot, then a bite of his Pastry. I ordered the Cannoli. Exquisite. I'm not sure if they knew I was here for a critique or if they’re just that good. Perhaps i’m just easily pleased. Definitely not about the Coffee though. It’s for sure Grade A.


The air was alive that night, It was warm and the streets were filled with people.


While finishing his review, Victor drank the rest of his coffee, but as he stood up to leave, he heard something that would turn this laid back, Seemingly-Friday Thursday into an Investigatory Seemingly-Saturday Thursday: The best kind of Thursday.


“Yeah man, I saw them down on Thirteenth and Broadway, behind the deli”

“There’s no way that five guys could haul that much product in the middle of the night. They’d be seen!”


“That’s the genius of it, Mike. They used the sewers”


Without a second thought Victor left the tip on the table, and walked toward Broadway. Walking briskly down the sidewalk, with an air of business. Turning down Broadway, Victor walked with the crowd until he got to Thirteenth Street. Looking ahead, a deli’s light shining bright. Victor ducked into a nearby alley and re-stocked his camera film, Just in case.


Camera around his neck, he walked out of the alley, looking for a venue. Above would work best, he thought, walking across the street.


He burst into the building beside the deli, wearing a face of panic and concern.


“Oh god!” he said, clutching his gut. “I really REALLY need to use a restroom. Ah, uh, do you have one around here I could use??”


The receptionist gasped, alarmed. “Oh, of course right this way sir!”


Leading him to the nearest bathroom, he ran inside, calming himself. Works Every time, he thought.


After sneaking out of the bathroom and up the stairs, Victor came to a locked door. Not good. He took out his Thieves Tools, which he liked to more lovingly call Detectives Tools. After a good 5 minutes of picking, Victor was on the roof. There was that nice warm breeze, but even nicer to Victor, the smell of sewer water drifting up into the air. Bingo. Peeking his head over the ledge, figures in the alley behind the deli came into view. One of the figures held up a large bag, and pulled a string attached to the bottom. After a few moments, the bag grew a inflated ring around the bottom. Dropping the bag into the manhole opening, a splash was heard as well as laughing among the men. Bingo.


Victor turned the flash off, zoomed in, and started taking pictures, listening for names or locations. After a solid hour, his work was done. Crawling backwards, he cringed. A piece of the roof had broken off and was now sailing toward the pavement.


He knew that he had to act quickly, running down the stairs like a madman.


“Is everything alright sir?!” asked the receptionist, but her question was met only by the rushing of feet and yelling of men.

He made it outside just as two of the men stepped out of the alley a few yards from the door. Victor smiled disheartenedly, shrugging his shoulders. “Bird watching?.. He.. he.”


Running for his life, Victor dodged through alleys and past cars, followed in hot pursuit by the men he had just taken pictures of. Pushing over trashcans and pallets, he sprinted towards the only place he could think to lose them: The Casinos. Climbing a fence at the end of the alley they were racing down, he ran toward the lights in the sky, the music playing, and the laughter of tourists. Turning the corner he saw his target, a street sprawled with people, bright and loud. He started making his way through the crowd, looking for one of the Ritzier joints, because they had dress codes.


Walking into the Casino, the guards at the door looked him up and down, nodding in approval at his black vest and pinstriped slacks. It pays to dress nicely. Hanging around the coat check, Victor waited until he heard that the coast was clear.


“Ay, buddy! Get back here! We don't allow slobs in here!”


“Get ya fuckin hands off me, prick, Do you know who I am?! Get off me man!”


A fight broke out, and as the bouncers restrained the thugs, Victor walked out, hat tipped down. Jogging to the police station, he knew it was a successful night. When he arrived, he requested to see the police chief, and with a little bargaining and the permission to accompany the police on their bust of the Sewer System Drug Bust. The evidence given led to the arrest of 4 men, and The StormCrow got the whole story.


Another Successful Thursday Night.


SwilliamX DaneDewitt

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